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“Called Together”

It was a cold night in 1979 and I was full of excitement as I got in my car and raced home after prayer meeting.  I just couldn’t hardly wait to step inside my house and tell my wife what God had spoken to me.  I was so thankful and honored that God would call me, Terry Morris, to evangelize.  It was as though I finally felt like my purpose was being fulfilled and it seemed as though I couldn’t get home fast enough to share the good news.

It seemed like I drove forever but here I was pulling up in my driveway but my smile wasn’t quite as big.  My heart was still pounding but it did not feel the same as before.  I begin to walk up the steps to my door and a heaviness came up on me that I could barely make it inside.  Suddenly, I realize that even though having a call on my life was precious, I had no idea how heavy the mantel would be.  And when I thought I would share this wonderful news with my wife joyfully I now could barely say anything at all.

Called together by God, in 1979 my beautiful wife Eileen of 7 years, my 4yr old son Jamie and my newly born daughter Leann set out on the open road to enter into all the doors that God would open for us to proclaim the gospel.  Nearly, 34 years later with my beautiful wife Eileen of 40yrs, my 39 year old son Jamie and 34yr old daughter Leann would love to welcome you The Threshing Floor!

Life has a way of given you things to face but God has a way of extending His grace! The journey of ministry has left us all with joyful times, trying times, good times, sad times and even bad times but one thing is for certain, we wouldn’t take nothing for our journey now.

The world still needs Jesus and the people still need the church.  A church that does not compromise to the sinful nature of this world.  A church that does not play politics to appease man’s agenda. A church that is not afraid to call sin, sin for the sake of salvation.  A church that will preach the infallible Word of God in it’s entirety adding nothing to it and leaving nothing out. A church where the gifts of the spirit are manifested and where the signs follow them that believe.

God is calling forth repentance. The end times are approaching quicker now then ever before.  The Threshing Floor is a place of separation and it is also a place to receive the increase of blessings.  I urge you now to join me and my family as we experience together, the fullness of God at The Threshing Floor.